About us

“Innovation, Industrial Property and Technology Policy” Research Group

The growing significance of the knowledge economy considered as “that based on knowledge and information production, distribution and use” has entailed an increased interest in innovative activities and in advanced business services as transmissions of that knowledge.

In this respect, technology intensive services (activities intangible in nature) are a part of the innovation process and are activities that promote the growth of innovative activities which finally are to the advantage of all the industrial activities constituting the economic base.

The “Innovation, Industrial Property and Technology Policy” Research Group, officially recognized by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid on Call dated 29th of November 2004, is aware of the stimulus that these services entail to improve competitiveness within our region and our country and tries to support them with a triple approach: facilitator, carrier and innovation source.

To implement these activities work is done in six research areas: Innovation, Industrial Property Rights, Technology Policy, Digital Transformation, e-Learning and learning analytics, and Social Innovation.

INNOPRO Activities

  • Participation in national and international tender projects.
  • Participation in research projects with companies.
  • Technological services (audits, strategy, planning…).
  • R&D and Innovation projects evaluation.
  • Training courses and seminars.